1. I placed an order but never received an e-mail.

You will receive an order confirmation when you place your order and a shipping confirmation once your order has shipped. Please check your spam filter if you have ordered from us and did not receive an order confirmation. In case you haven't received anything, please get in touch with us by mail: info@game-legends.com. Don’t forget to tell us your full name and what you've ordered so we can help you as fast as possible.

2. How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time for items from the store is between 1-3 working days within Germany, 3-5 working days within the EU and can take up to 10 working days to the US and other international countries.

Please be patient if your package takes a while to arrive because there are occurences that we can not influence, such as delays through custom checks or similar. Should the delivery time exceed our approfimate reference time mentioned above, please be so kind and let us know.

3. Is my delivery already on the way?

Once your order was dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive a separate shipping confirmation that includes a tracking ID so you can easily trace your order online.

4. How can I return my products to you?

In case you want to return your products for whatever reason, you can do so within 14 days of purchase. Please take a look at our terms and conditions, § 5 for more information.

5. Do I have to pay custom fees when buying from outside of Germany?

Our deliveries within the EU should be free from custom fees. If you're buying from outside the EU, we kindly ask you to check with your customs department if there are any customs fees / import taxes when buying from Germany. Since the import regulations differ from country to country, we can not give you an estimate on your order.